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Our marketing and entrepreneurial gene yearns for numbers, data and facts.

And contrariwise, as data-driven nerds, we adore working with people. 'People Business' is our true passion, after all, we are nothing without people. Our entrepreneurial and cultural roots lie in the link between data and technology, as well as profound and comprehensive involvement with our customers. With this unique combination we are in a position to deliver solutions to our customers that help them act more successfully on the market.

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As well as the original agency NAYOKI GmbH, this integrated omni-channel digital agency group, headquartered in Munich also includes addfame GmbH, one of the leading influencer agencies in the country. There is also the full service media agency Nayoki Mediaplus GmbH & Co.KG, a joint venture with one of the biggest, owner-managed agencies in Europe, SERVICEPLAN Group SE.

An unbeatable combination: owner-thinking and corporate DNA. For over 20 years we have understood the needs of the market with regard to marketing that focuses on hard results. The foundation for this is data, insights, technology and last but not least many years of experience in the sector and expert knowledge. Entrepreneurial thinking based on years of experience with affiliated companies, along with permanently striving for the utmost performance makes NAYOKI an ideal sparring partner in digital marketing.

The link between strategic expertise, data-driven operational excellence and the ability to always be a frontrunner, to adapt quickly to innovations and drive these forward in a market that knows only one mantra and is continuously transforming, enables us to develop forward-looking solutions with measurable success for our customers.




The NAYOKI Group was established nearly 20 years ago in 2004 by André Soulier. Soulier began his professional journey in online marketing in the USA, working for key lead generation firms such as Leadcreations LLC and One2One Interactive LLC, where he was not just an employee but also an entrepreneurial mind. He raised the initial capital for establishing NAYOKI GmbH through the sale of his shares.

With knowledge of strategies and metrics from the pioneering US digital marketing market, NAYOKI quickly established itself in the German market. Renowned clients such as Samsung, BMW Bank, Tele2, and GFK, who remains a client to this day, propelled the agency to become a significant player in the field of lead generation, achieving a seven-figure fee turnover. This success story unfolded at a time when Google was still in its infancy, and Facebook had not yet come into existence.

In 2008, NAYOKI achieved a significant milestone through a majority acquisition by Bertelsmann AG, integrating into the service company Arvato. This strategic move professionalized our legal data protection processes and technical structures, solidifying our position as a leading Lead Generation agency in Germany. Notable clients such as Proctor & Gamble and Unilever further enhanced our reputation.


By 2010, Bertelsmann AG acquired all shares, propelling NAYOKI into a new era. And with this, NAYOKI evolved further, transforming into a full-service performance marketing agency specializing in key areas such as SEA, SEO, affiliate and email marketing, as well as display advertising. In that same year, we proudly partnered with Adler Modemärkte, our first client, who remains with us today, delivering comprehensive support across all channels. NAYOKI also honed its expertise, delving into sophisticated and challenging sectors such as beauty, fashion, and lifestyle. Our collaboration with Arvato's e-Commerce division allowed us to enhance our e-Commerce capabilities. Consequently, we established three distinct pillars within the NAYOKI service portfolio: Performance Marketing, Lead Generation, and Marketing Technology.

The evolution into a comprehensive omnichannel agency was not feasible within the corporate structure as it stood. Therefore, in 2014, NAYOKI underwent a management buyout led by its founder, André Soulier, re-establishing itself as an owner-managed agency group.


In 2016, ADDFAME emerged as one of Germany's pioneering agencies solely dedicated to Influencer Marketing. Successful Influencer Marketing was only achievable through the seamless fusion of creativity and content, data and technology, and a well-established network of influencers, all underpinned by professional relationship management. Alongside Stephan Fehske, ADDFAME swiftly rose to become one of Germany's top influencer agencies. Recognizing the industry's demand, we decided to expand our digitally-centered model, incorporating media strategy, planning, and purchasing. This expansion allowed us to provide our clients with a holistic Full-Funnel approach. In 2018, under the leadership of Frederik Schott, NAYOKI MEDIAPLUS, a joint venture, was established in collaboration with SERVICEPLAN-GRUPPE SE, Europe's leading independent agency group. Steering the helm of this venture, Christof Baron assumed responsibility for the strategic evolution of our agency's product.

Through our partnership with the MEDIAPLUS Group, we seamlessly merged the expertise of over 500 media specialists and a purchasing volume exceeding 1 billion Euros (Source: Comvergence, 2021) with NAYOKI's digital performance DNA. This combination of services under one roof was the only one of its kind on the German market.


The NAYOKI Group is certainly not at the end of its journey yet. Our aim is to consistently lead the charge in a dynamically evolving market, offering expert guidance to our clients as innovators and ensuring their marketing investments yield optimal returns: the very best return on investment. Achieving this requires our agency and its services to continuously evolve in a dedicated manner. This commitment isn't just a goal; it's a promise to our clients.

Under the headline "Make Data Actionable," NAYOKI has been heavily investing since 2023 in advanced data products and the field of analytics. This is because data isn't just a raw material; it's the foundation of the digital economy. NAYOKI has brought experts on board for Tech, Data & Tools, professional with an extensive experience in digital marketing. There Their primary objective is by leveraging the application of data and technology, transforming them into actionable insights for our clients, which in turn give lead to actionable solutions. It's a process that never ends, mirroring the perpetual evolution of the NAYOKI Group.

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Customer Centricity taken seriously. We know our customer's needs better than they do themselves. Absolute customer orientation is in our DNA. As sparring partner on an equal footing, we power our customers to peak performance and nothing encourages us more than when our customers cross the finish line victorious.

No matter what sector our partners come from. No matter what goals are to be achieved. We live digital marketing and, as well as technical speak, we also know about analogue. The quality of our service and our working methods has been proven by numerous certificates and awards

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We understand what works and what doesn't. Our knowledge extends beyond the needs of our clients and their customers; it extends to the aspirations of our team members. Without a fun and collaborative environment, even the most detailed briefing can lose its impact, and the most fantastic idea can fizzle out. At NAYOKI, we are known for our friendly atmosphere, trendy workspace, and unique fringe benefits. But above all, it's our dedicated team members who passionately dive into the world of digital marketing, breaking free from mundane office routines.

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