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Data creates the foundation of the digital economy. Without the use of high-performance technologies and science which help to process and interpret data, even the best data is of no value.  The situation is much the same with 'Data Driven Marketing'. The amount of data that is accrued every day in marketing, is partly unstructured and distributed within businesses via lots of small silos, growing daily. At the same time, the relevant tools that promise to use this data better and profitably, are becoming more powerful. Like AI for instance: highly automated and ideally with no human involvement.

A look into the past shows that the increasing use of technology has also not really lead to  a person generally becoming superfluous. Not least due to the high developmental dynamics in this sector and the pressure to continually optimise the use of data and tools. Quite the contrary: more human creativity and intelligence is required to manage increasing complexity and create value from the use of data and tools. At NAYOKI we have a holistic view and work philosophy when it comes to the themes of data and tech. We don't repeat buzzwords parrot fashion, just because they are in vogue and every one is talking about them, rather, we approach matters conscientiously.

We know exactly what requirements there are in terms of data quality and structuring, and what tools are to be used at specific points, to optimally enhance the value of data. Data is not a one-way street and the use of AI is not ultimate secret weapon – data is only as good as the way it is gathered and interpreted, much like the experience, which feeds into its interpretation.

Our aspiration: »Make data actionable«

We are experts in generating added value for you from our customer's data. We know how knowledge and 'actionable insights' are gained from data. That is why we at NAYOKI don't just gather and manage data, but also refine it thoughtfully, tailoring it to our customer's area of business, for instance via enhancement with contextual information. Our goal is to give our customer's marketing decision guidance to optimise their marketing – strategically and tactically; omni-channel along the entire consumer journey. The NAYOKI Data Science Team not only analyses the effect of marketing investments in the usual analogue and digital channels, it also provides integrated advice, through to product, portfolio and pricing strategies.

NAYOKI uses state-of-the-art tools to prepare and analyse data, but the final decisions are still always made by our specialists. Our credo is symbiosis – it is not about 'either-or', person or AI, rather about the combination of human and machine intelligence. Which is why with us, you will be talking with OpenChat-GPT or blind AI, but with experienced data experts and strategists.

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No question – we are one of the biggest, owner-managed digital media agencies in Germany. With over 100 employees we look after leading brands from a wide variety of sectors, including for instance Unilever, BMW, Philip Morris, WMF, Schüco and in the clothing and fashion sector, Adler, Wolford, bugatti, Betty Barclay, Sportalm and Venice Beach.

Our 360° services cover everything our customers need to successfully operate future-oriented, full-funnel marketing along the entire customer journey, via all relevant touch points. In this configuration, there is barely no other company which is able to map all the facets of marketing so comprehensively.

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