… is, as the name implies, there for the user. And users should be as happy and satisfied as possible, and feel they are in good hands when they visit a website or surf an online store.That’s the job of usability. Easy, Happy, Trust and Power are the four key words that guarantee the online experience will be successful for the user. Is the user interface intuitive and straightforward? Are users also addressed at the emotional level? Are elements of trust present that communicate a feeling of security? Is the website quick to load? All these are factors that pay into the user experience over the long term. If they are lacking or only present at rudimentary level, users are quickly put off – sending negative signals to Google, and impacting negatively on visit length and, ultimately, sales.

What makes us special?

Data-based & analytical

Gut feeling is important – but instead of relying on it completely, we back it up, using professional tools and apps that deliver validated data on the user experience. We take a close look at visit duration, scroll depth, number of pages, mouse movements, eye tracking and much more, to find out as much as we can about how users move around a website or online store.

Individual & sustainable

Cookie-cutter one-size-fits-all concepts have no place with us. Our in-depth custom analysis is the cornerstone of successful usability optimization. After that, we design a concept and draw up individual measures that fit you like a glove. As we do so, we throw light on all the various perspectives and their potential impacts, and identify the most effective way of sustainably enhancing the usability of your website or store.

Integrated & profitable

We always keep the big picture in view. After all, the aim of usability is to have a positive effect on your overall image and presentation. And usability isn’t limited to your website or store; it applies to all your communication channels and methods, such as newsletters and banners. We create an integrated optimization concept that brings all these strands together and gets the absolute maximum out of what you have to offer.

Our services




Usability is made up of four areas: Easy, Happy, Trust and Power Web. We analyse each area in depth, taking all critical aspects into consideration. In this process, our experts are supported by pro tools and applications.

Concept & Implementation

Concept & Implementation

Concept & Implementation

We produce a usability optimization concept for your website or store that is tailored to your needs, based on analysis results and incorporating your goals and targets. We are also happy to help you in implementing the measures we propose.

Monitoring & Consulting

Monitoring & Consulting

Monitoring & Consulting

Continuous optimization is the key to success. After the initial analysis and implementation of the concept, we stay on the ball, keeping overall development in view and providing consulting and support to establish usability with long-term success.

Nayoki usability Facts

Usability per se cannot be measured; the influencing factors involved are too different and too varied. But there are plenty of statistics that can help identify the right measures.


seconds Time a user takes to absorb the content of a website


% Loss in user satisfaction if loading takes 1 second longer


% of users do not bother to scroll down – “above the fold” is the watchword!

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