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… is far more than just a channel, but involves the organization as a whole. After all, 93% of all virtual shopping trips start with a search. By this logic, the list of Google search results is a digital shopping centre which the user moves through – and therefore a focus where businesses should present themselves the most effectively. As in bricks-and-mortar malls, they have to outperform their competitors, attract users by presenting individual products or offerings, and convert them into customers. And the focus is always on the user; Google no longer evaluates websites and online shops by individual keyword rankings, but by their relevance for search queries. In other words, a good fit for Google is a good fit for users ¬ and ultimately benefits the whole scope of a company’s online communication, including its conversion rate.

What makes us special?


We think ahead. Quick wins are all well and good, but to be successful, search engine optimization needs a long-term strategy in harmony with the goals of your enterprise. To achieve this, we develop concepts tailored to your company that stay effective and sustainable over the long term. If required, we provide training for your employees to enhance internal awareness and place knowledge on a solid footing.


Search engines are the highest form of artificial intelligence that people deal with day by day. Google or Amazon, developments in speech recognition and understanding of semantic contexts and individual preferences demand an integrated strategy far from technical manipulation. We keep our finger on the pulse and respond to changes in markets and technologies.


Nevertheless, SEO has to deliver measurable results. We work with you to define relevant KPIs, from visibility to conversion, and keep a sharp eye on them on your behalf. We work closely with tool suppliers, who provide the right tools and apply them profitably for the benefit of your overall strategy. Your requirements and goals are always our focus.





Technical optimization is no longer the sole guarantee of success – but a smoothly operating technical basis still plays an enormously important role. We use analyses, action catalogues and individual briefings to help you to achieve this, also looking after direct communication with your IT operations directly or using a ticket system of your choice.




Good content can win you the approval of your target group and help you reach potential prospects. Our content strategies and concepts are rooted in a sustainable overall strategy and demand the highest standards of quality and art for blogs, magazines, landing-pages, competitions or on-site content. For more details, see Content Marketing.




Website usability is playing an increasingly important role when it comes to entering a customer’s relevant set, and is rated highly by Google. We analyse your site on the basis of Trust, Power, Easy and Happy Factors and work with you to develop actions that will boost user interaction with the site and optimize user flow.


SEO myths – a grain of truth?
Agencies “know someone at Google” – Perhaps, but nobody that could influence search results.
Nobody uses meta keywords any more – Correct, that’s Stone Age SEO.
Texts need to incorporate as many keywords as possible – Better not, legibility is far more important.


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We work for our clients on an integrated basis, covering all areas; we provide support in the form of technical consulting, implement high-volume content projects, produce usability analyses and draw up corresponding optimization plans.

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