Marketing Automation

… is the solution for efficient customer-centric marketing. In the ever-expanding digital market, beset by growing competition, companies must target their messages and offers more precisely and get them to the right person. On the one hand, the issue is to communicate advertising efficiently and avoid wastage, thus cutting costs and optimizing the cost/turnover ratio. On the other, it’s all about the right message at the right time. Addressing users at their most attentive increases the likelihood of interaction and consolidates customer loyalty. Manual control is often out of the question, given the complexity and short response periods involved. Marketing automation is a kind of all-singing, all-dancing solution for efficient online marketing.

What makes us special


You focus on your customers – and so do we. Your customer data is our basis. We complement it by analysing relevant communities to identify the right channels and messages. On this foundation, we work with you to develop the individual overall strategy that best fits you and your needs.


Everything that we do is backed up by over ten years of experience. Nayoki was founded in 2004 with the aim of helping companies to establish reliable data platforms and set up professional newsletter marketing. Since then, we have passed through all the industry’s major milestones, and now apply this experience and knowl


With our own IT department, we are independent and flexible. We are happy to advise you in selecting technologies and automated marketing solutions and installing them.

Our services




Clean, well-differentiated data collection and the right interfaces form the basis for using marketing automation. We support you in analysing your current position and work with you to identify which technology and methods you can use to best achieve your objectives. This information is our starting-point for developing an overall strategy.




We support you in selecting appropriate technical solutions – and in integrating them. Our in-house IT team finds the ideal language for briefings and coordination with your IT department, and designs interfaces for existing solutions.




It’s not all about the technical issues. Implementation and ongoing advancement of end-customer contacts are also key elements in success. Here, too, we’re on hand with expertise and hands-on assistance.


The main elements of marketing automation solutions are databases, Web controlling, workflows and DRM synchronization. Bringing all these functions and factors together is the way to create efficient campaigns and happy customers.


Percentage of companies with growth that outpaces their competitors which use marketing automation


Year by which 85% of relations will be managed with no personal contact


Percentage of marketers that confirm marketing automation is linked to more successful results of actions

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