In Nayoki, we look back over years of experience in online marketing and a strikingly unusual history; we are proud of all we have achieved, and face the future with optimism and confidence.


The foundation phase


The group runway

Since july 2014.

On our own again.

Our childhood.

Online marketing agency Nayoki Interactive Advertising was born on 1 August 2004, first in the form of a GbR (partnership under civil law) – in the living-room of founder André Soulier at 54 Situlistrasse in Munich. Two months later, Nayoki took its first bold steps in email marketing, recruiting its first employees. Germany’s very first e-magazine was the result in 2005, a collaboration with publishing group Burda. In the same year Nayoki launched its first competitions for generating addresses and leads and thus laid the foundations for its data operations, still an extremely successful business line today. In 2006 Nayoki’s payroll rose to double figures; the “living-room” became too cramped, and the entire team moved to offices in a car dealership at 80 Neumarkter Strasse. The company’s longest continuous customer and employee contracts date from this time. In January 2007, as Hurricane Kyrill raged over Germany, the advancement of global publishing and services group arvato Bertelsmann would shape Nayoki’s future destiny…

Our youth.

1 January 2008 marked the official launch of Nayoki’s status as a member of the arvato Group. “Mr Soulier, you are now part of arvato. Now you can spend six months on a beach in the Maldives.” But Nayoki’s founder resisted the temptation and remained with the company as its managing director. The course was clearly set for expansion, with larger offices (22 Neumarkter Strasse) and branches in Frankfurt a.M. and North Carolina. Nayoki rapidly grew into one of the first full service agencies in the field of online marketing, and gained its first integrated service customers in 2009 with the philosophy of “We make online easier”. In the same year, Nayoki registered the fastest growth of the whole arvato Group, and focused on expanding its high-performance customers. In 2012 Nayoki was part of arvato’s great vision of e-commerce, aimed at building an integrated approach to cover the full value chain in e-commerce. However, the vision crumbled, and arvato changed its strategy. …

Grown up.

Nayoki’s separation from arvato in a management buyout was completed on 1 July 2014. André Soulier had reacquired the agency he had founded ten years earlier, and now sought to return the agency’s destiny to the hands of its team. No longer the sole head of Nayoki, he brought in Christine Buckenmaier and Raphael Hahn to provide dynamic support. The split from arvato was important for all the Nayokis, giving us the opportunity to decide our own fate. We’ve grown up. We’ve redefined ourselves, and we now have a new look that goes beyond our appearance and location. Today we can look back over 13 years of experience in which we have combined the best aspects from two entrepreneurial worlds. By achieving excellence in the two core areas of Data and Performance, we have carved out a unique market position as an unparalleled single-source service provider. We continuously work on expanding our portfolio of services, and have now taken the next step by expanding as a Group.

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