Digital Strategy

… is an essential component of future success, and involves much more than merely the launch of a new technology. An integrated digital strategy is the answer to the challenges presented by a changing digitalized market. Thus, if a company is to go down new paths, all its people need to develop a firmly rooted, fundamental understanding of the demands of the digital market. Processes and approaches to solutions must be as carefully aligned to the new requirements as the technology itself. Yet to achieve long-term success, all this must be mastered without being overwhelmed by the hectic pace of operations. Instead, it’s essential to focus on the goal ahead – the goal of moving into a digital future.

What makes us special?

Product-Oriented & Sales-Based

In our experience, operational excellence in a single area is simply not enough. From product to sales, each individual process must be optimally aligned to digital business. To achieve this, our experts bring together all the relevant disciplines in eCommerce, from product portfolio planning, warehousing and logistics to performance marketing.

Experienced & Efficient

Founded in 2004, Nayoki assumed a pioneering role in the digital market. Our experts have many years of experience in digital sales and eCommerce. We apply this expertise in all our projects, working with you to generate long-lasting success from careful use of resources.

Personal & Reliable

As our client, you are always an A-lister – even without sales in the multi-millions. We rely on a hand-picked team of experts for all our customers, to ensure the very best results at all times. Personal interaction at all phases of the project is an essential element of our collaboration.

Our Service

Evaluating potential

Evaluating potential

Evaluating potential

Are you ready for the future? We assist you in evaluating your present position, conducting meetings and interviews with contacts in your company, and making deep-dive analyses of the figures and in-depth examinations of the market and competition environment.




We develop tailored concepts and strategies that help you optimize your digital operations in the most effective way. In doing so, we always bear your resources in mind, aim for operational quick wins and take long-term success as our global objective.




Our experts support you in implementing digital strategies. From process definition to launching new technical solutions, we are by your side on the way into the future.

Nayoki Digital Strategy Facts

Will this Internet thing really catch on? Can we still escape the race for digitalization? Controversial and divisive issues – yet the figures speak a very clear language.


billion connected devices by 2020 according to Statista


billion Google searches per day (global)


billion euros in eCommerce sales in Germany in 2017

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