Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

… is well worthwhile, because more conversions add up to more sales. If the numbers of impressions and clicks are satisfactory but too few users are ultimately converting, it’s time to ask exactly why people who are clearly interested in the site have not become customers. Thanks to precise targeting, many campaigns are usually able to generate very high-quality traffic for a site – but the art is to convince prospective customers to choose the product. Numerous influences play a role, potentially distracting from or even preventing a sale. They have to be identified and minimized to deliver a satisfactory conversion rate at the end of the day.

What makes us special?


Your site – your data: our Analytics Team tests the setup of your analytic tool to ensure it analyses all the relevant data relating to customer behaviour on your website. The ‘conversion funnel’ is a particularly important tool for baseline analysis. The objective is to determine exactly where customers interrupt their purchase and how they continue navigation; this enables optimization measures to be performed at precisely the point where they are needed.


We have many years of experience in working with small, medium-sized and large-scale companies, we are familiar with the challenges of communicating with software providers, and we understand the complexity of existing systems. We draw on our expertise in online marketing and IT to help you define efficient solutions that build on your systems.


The market is crammed with tools and providers, all promising to maximize your conversion rate. We guide you through this jungle, and help you identify and integrate the technologies and partners that are relevant to your goals.

Our services




Not satisfied with your conversion rate? We analyse your page from top to bottom, paying particular attention to the conversion funnel with respect to technology, content and usability. To do this, we use your own analytics, plus further external tools including crawlers and eye tracking, to evaluate user flow and user behaviour on your page.




Based on our analysis, we assemble a catalogue of actions on the road to an improved conversion rate. We can also review your existing technology and explore what further-reaching solutions are available that could be relevant and attractive, guiding your customers more effectively through the purchasing process.




Our in-house IT department is naturally involved in providing support, including development and implementation of technical solutions for conversion rate optimization or production of briefings for your IT. The department also handles all communication.


Conversion rates vary from industry to industry, from 3% as average “normal” CR to up to 30% in some areas, leaving plenty of scope for improvement.


% Uplift in incoming orders after integrating an exit intent layer


% Conversion rate compared to 0.3% previously


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