Business Plans

…are vital for sensible, efficient budget distribution; clear-cut planning of all future budgets and optimum preparation for potential extraordinary items are key to success. A number of factors must be taken into consideration if incremental growth is to be ensured by maximizing the efficiency of allocating costs. Depending on the industry and online marketing strategy, targeted campaign planning can boost or smooth out seasonal fluctuations; however, budget distribution must also take interaction between the individual channels into consideration. Actions applied to one online channel will always impact on the other channels across the entire customer journey from a long-term perspective. Lack of vision in designing business plans for performance marketing may thus have far-reaching results that are often difficult to predict.

What makes us special?

Reduced Costs & Increased Sales

With long-standing experience in numerous sectors of business and all digital marketing disciplines, we support you in implementing your individual strategies by boosting new customer figures and sales, while optimizing your operations to cut extra costs. Because of this, our business plans always reflect your personal KUR or ROAS targets. Traffic sources and their profitability must always be in harmony to keep the long-term impacts on integrated customer approaches in view. We help you to identify your optimum online marketing mix, while maintaining your focus on your overarching KPIs.

New Customer Acquisition & Customer Retention

Each individual discipline of your activities offers you the opportunity to reach new customers and strengthen your bond with existing customers. We see every channel as a potential source of new customers, so that all activities should always be evaluated based on their contribution to growing your customer base. But existing customers, too, need a constant stream of incentives to return to your online store. Nayoki thus prioritizes the correct distribution of your budgets to meet all potential purchasers at their own level, instead of losing them to the competition.

Measurability & Reallocation

Well-founded business plans must never be static. Response to changes in the market and seasonal fluctuations is the only way to achieve sustainable goals. This means that every activity, however small, must be evaluated and optimized on an ongoing basis. Nayoki helps you to distribute testing budgets sensibly and evaluate their results accurately.

Our Services

Evaluating Potential

Evaluating Potential

Evaluating Potential

Are your budgets correctly distributed? Are there opportunities to boost sales while keeping costs stable? We work with you to delve into the figures and provide pointers for optimizing your current KPIs.




We help you to develop long-term strategies and map out optimum activity planning in achievable forecasts. This ensures you always have the chance to measure and evaluate your strategic success and align it to current circumstances.




Nayoki’s business plans are the best preparation for planning your individual digital future. We provide support and advice for implementation, or are happy to take full operational control of your online marketing strategies.

Nayoki Performance Marketing Facts

An 5% annual growth rate is achievable without major activities or optimization. If your growth is falling short, you should take action – and soon. Correct budget distribution and planning allows even larger companies to reach up to 30% growth YOY. And don’t be dazzled by utopian forecasts; three-digit growth rates are unrealistic.


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