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… is a must-do for all brands aiming to carve out a long-term, sustainable and successful position within their industry environment. Brands stand for values that consumers and users can rely on. They serve as points of orientation that rise above a mass of other products or offerings. Given this importance, establishing and improving the identity of a brand is closely associated with customer retention and customer satisfaction – and, in the long run, with higher sales. Brand building takes many different forms; in order to provide a distinctive identity as a guide and anchor for users, brands are imbued with aspects of design, psychology and function. The user’s personal preferences decide whether a brand’s emotional, functional or visual appeal attracts a response. A brand must thus be aware of what it stands for and then develop a strategy for communicating this, with the goal of addressing customers and prospects at this more general level outside mere product offerings.

What makes us special?


Before you tackle brand building, it’s essential to be aware of your brand. What values do I embody? What do I stand for? Who is my target audience? Who do I aim to reach? What does my CI say about me? We provide support as you analyse and evaluate your status quo, and determine your target group, competition environment and current positioning.


We ensure your brand is linked with your values in an integrated and credible way, enabling users to trust you without prejudice and rely on you and your promise. We do this by creating content and campaigns that fit you perfectly, using content, competitions and games, graphics, target-group-specific management and promotion of campaigns, special offers and optimum user experience. Top quality is paramount.


We commission impartial external institutions to measure and judge our performance, and tackle the challenges of our industry with as much passion as we devote to respecting and supporting its standards and benchmarks. Our employees continuously hone and advance their knowledge and skills at conferences and trade shows, and we closely observe market developments. After all, we want you to rely on us as your strong and assured partner, and to place your trust in us.

Our services




We draw up in-depth brand and target-group analyses to define the market of today. Our priority is to be aware of how the market is developing, who the competition is, and which target groups need to be addressed – and how we can best position and establish your brand.




By associating your brand with positive values, your customers build trust and loyalty. We provide high-quality content and campaigns aligned to your integrated strategy, thus ensuring that your brand has a credible USP and distinctive, unique character. We integrate your brand into the network of channels and establish direct connections to your customers.




We conduct ongoing controlling using documentation, target/actual comparisons and extensive analyses. This enables us to adjust, optimize and improve strategies continuously. Qualitative and quantitative analyses serve as the basis for identifying areas of optimization that strengthen the brand and drive its progress.


Is not a quantifiable value, despite new approaches in this field such as Google Trends and differentiated formulae that attempt to define a number for brand value. And yet it has a significant impact on corporate value.


Number of new trademark registrations in Germany in 2016


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% of Germans that know Zalando

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